Meet the first-ever cold cup that does it all. Designed with four flaps that fold to form a built-in lid, we’ve eliminated the need to purchase a separate lid. This unlocks major cost and space savings from cargo to countertop.

Available Sizes:

8oz - 1000 Cups (20 Sleeves)

12oz - 1000 Cups (20 Sleeves)

16oz - 1000 Cups (20 Sleeves)

20oz - 500 Cups (10 Sleeves)

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SOFi Cold Cup

The first-of-its-kind with a built-in lid.
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Don’t just take our word for it…

Arts M. Verified Review

“I am opening an ice cream store in South Miami and as someone who cares deeply about sustainability, I decided to use Sofi cups instead of the plastic ones. Though my store is still under construction, I got hold of some Sofi cups and tested them with boba teas, milkshakes and cold drinks. The results are very encouraging as they are sturdy and efficient (no fumbling for a correct-size lid). All my friends who saw the Sofi cups raved about their eco-friendly and sleek design.”

Jill S. Verified Review

“Best paper straws I’ve ever used!! They don’t disintegrate even after hours of use. These are a must have for everyone!”

Susan B. Verified Review

“SOFi Straws last a really long time! I used one for an entire day at my desk, and it never got soggy, and didn’t have a funny taste like some paper straws do. I will be buying these regularly for my catering events.”

Savings From Cargo To Countertop

By eliminating the need to purchase a separate lid, the SOFi Cold Cup saves you money and takes up less space during transport, reducing freight costs.
Our unique design featuring a built-in lid not only takes up less space during transport, but also takes up less counter space, making room for other essentials.
Our cups naturally decompose in landfills, soil, or marine environments in under 180 days.

Extremely durable,
lasting for over 6 hours.

No frills, no spills!
Splash-resistant structure.

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100% biodegradable and compostable

Our cups disappear in under 180 days in a marine or landfill environment. So they’re there when you need them and gone when you don’t.

Biodegradable Without The Buzzwords


“Made from plants”


All Products
Soil and marine
Breaks down
naturally after
90 days
Accepted at
regular recycling
Made from
natural materials

Unlike PLA or plastic, every SOFi product is tested in compliance with FDA test method 21 CFR 176.170 and is PFAS-free. Made out of FDA approved and FSC certified Kraft paper.

In the media

“the first 100% biodegradable cup that eliminates the need for a plastic lid.”
"designed to naturally decompose within 180 days"
“saves operators money on additional inventory as well as freight costs.”

You Asked, We Answered

Browse through our most frequently asked questions.

What types of beverages can the cup hold?

Hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and etc.

Are there any beverages the cup cannot hold?

Due to the eco-friendly liner on the cup, the cup cannot hold alcoholic beverages.

Do you offer samples of the SOFi Cold Cup?

YES! Please Contact Us and we would be happy to provide you with samples.

Is the cup home/backyard compostable?

YES! The SOFi cup is biodegradable, backyard compostable, industrial compostable, and recyclable.

Do you sell larger sizes (32oz/44oz)?

We will begin offering larger sizes in Q3 2023.

Are the cups available through distributors?

YES! We work with a variety of distributors in the US and Canada.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

YES! Please Contact Us for a custom quote.

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