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Our Mini-Festo

We all know that “doing the right thing” isn’t always easy. But it sure doesn’t have to be constantly difficult.

For a long time, making environmentally aware purchases meant spending a bonkers amount of money, doing a ridiculous amount of extra work, or settling for painfully substandard products.

This model of sustainability... wasn’t sustainable.

So... SOFi. (Pronounced Soh-FEE)
At SOFi Paper Products, we believe protecting the planet should be straightforward, safe, and simple.

All of our products are made with real paper and without buzzwords.

They’re the type of compostable that doesn’t require a special separate facility.

And the type of biodegradable that you learned about in science class. (Put it in the ground, and it goes away in 60 days.)

And the type of paper that doesn’t absolutely deteriorate the second it gets wet. Because... you know… nobody should have to drink coffee with that ish.
We make the kind of products people really want to use at prices they can actually afford to pay.

Making people’s lives a little easier and the planet’s life a little longer?

We’ll drink to that. (Or at least, we’ll drink out of it.)

SOFi Paper Products

The new way to drink responsibly.
100% Biodegradable Material
Sustainable packaging made simple
100% Compostable Products

Brand Values

Our mission is to make “doing the right thing” just a little bit easier.

Our eco-friendly products (and packaging) are 100% biodegradable, naturally decomposing in a marine or soil environment in under 180 days. They’re also 100% home and industrial compostable and don’t require being sent to a separate facility.
Our goal is to break through the clutter and create best-in market, high-quality paper products that are available at a price that won’t break the bank.
We create unique, long-lasting products that won’t bend, melt, or disintegrate on you mid-drink. Because drinks should taste like the drink you’re drinking… not like the book you’re reading.
We’re committed to being open and honest about the materials we use to create our eco-friendly products and packaging. And we let you know exactly how many days it takes for each product to decompose. We’ll never keep you guessing!

Meet our Co-Founders,
Brandon & Jordan

We've always had a thirst for life… and beverages. As kids, you could catch us chugging chocolate milk or Sunkist like it was our job. So, when we decided to start a business, it was a no brainer that we'd go into the straw industry.

Our mom was a chef who had us slicing and dicing in the kitchen from a young age, so we even know a thing or two about the hospitality industry. Although we didn't end up cooking for a living, we’re creating products for those who do. Our love for sustainability stems from our love for our home, Miami Beach. We love to surf but hate seeing all the plastic in the ocean. Our hope for the future is to catch waves without catching plastic, too. And that's where the name of our business comes in. "SOFi" stands for South of Fifth Street, the lower part of Miami Beach where it all started. It's a bustling area filled with locals and tourists alike, so it was only natural that the name came from the place that inspired us from day one.

We're proud to say that SOFi has evolved from being the best paper straw only found in Miami to a brand that creates the most innovative, sustainable paper products found all over North America! The best part is we’re just getting started.

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