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Ah, you must be here to read The Story of SOFi Straws. Welcome!

SOFi Straws was founded in SoBe (South Beach), Miami, Florida by two brothers who wanted to make paper straws that didn’t suck, but still suck (if you catch our drift).

So why paper straws? Well, unless you’re living under a rock, you must know that plastic is killing the turtles (and the dolphins, and the whales, and the birds, and the planet, and everything else we care about. ...Except The Rock. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.) So we, the environmentalists that we are, happily switched to paper straws. We were taking a stand, rewriting the laws, making a change, saving the planet, and feeling pretty good about ourselves. 

...then we tried to drink with them. That was the last (soggy) straw. 

Our mission is to create the best eco-friendly and compostable, yet durable paper products that will diminish the need for plastics, raise awareness about environmental issues, and empower businesses to alter their purchasing decisions.

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