THE CLASSIC // 7.76" // 4800 Straws
Details 4,800 Straws (24 boxes)Length: 7.76”Diameter: 0.236”   POPULAR AND OUTGOING. These “everyday” straws are versatile — they fit in easily with anyone and everyone. They go with the flow and love to entertain!  Perfect for water, soft drinks, juices,...
from $160.00
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THE COCKTAIL // 5.75" // 4800 Straws
Details 4,800 Straws (24 boxes)Length: 5.75”Diameter: 0.236”   SHORT, FUN, AND FLIRTY.Keep it cool and classy with our bar straws, typically served in shallow, short glasses. Perfect for a martini, high ball, old fashioned, rocks, and whiskey sour glasses.
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SMOOTHIE GIANT // 10" // 4800 Straws
Details 4,800 Straws (24 boxes)Length: 10”Diameter: 0.315”   TALL AND UNIQUE. The tallest of all, these straws are (even more) giant versions of The Stable Giant. ...Because every XL beverage needs an XL straw to match.  Perfect for large beverages,...
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STABLE GIANT // 8.46" // 4800 Straws
Details 4,800 Straws (24 boxes)Length: 8.46”Diameter: 0.315”   HARD-HEADED AND PROTECTIVE. These straws, in their simplest form, are older siblings to The Classics. Their strength and overprotectiveness make The Crosshair Dilemma (in which a cup’s lid slices through the straw)...
from $240.00
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THE SHAKE // 8.46" // 4800 Straws
Details 4,800 Straws (24 boxes)Length: 8.46”Diameter: 0.394"   THICK AND EASY-GOING. Move, move, shake, shake, now droooppp (it in your drink). These straws have smooth(ie) moves and will definitely make your satisfying beverage even more enjoyable! Perfect for blended drinks, like...
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THE SHAKE XL // 8.46 // 2400 Straws
Details 2,400 Straws (12 boxes)Length: 8.46”Diameter: 0.472"   EXTRA THICK AND EASY-GOING. These smooth operators make the perfect companion for boba tea. Because these straws are the largest in diameter, they enhance the satisfying experience of sipping on boba tea and...
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SOFi Dispenser
The SOFi Dispenser. The cleanliest way to offer our unwrapped classic straw to your customers. Holds 1 box of SOFi straws (200 count). Free Shipping
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